Dance of the Graces (c) Selena Fenech

Yes, she does.  Much like God does. Buddha and Allah probably do too.  But I digress…


Regular readers of my blogging might remember a recent on in the 30 Days of Truth series I’m doing, asking about a friend that’s drifted away, Vivia, and how I’d determined to put pen to paper and write her in an attempt to re-establish contact.

Well, today I opened my email after a couple of days of not checking it, and there was an email from Vivia!  Granted, it was a “You are one strong woman” chain-letter kind of email, but it meant she still had my email in her address book, and it now means I have hers again!  And oddly enough, the chain-letter email was one I needed to see too, as there’s things going on in my life these days that sometimes make me question just how strong I am anymore.

So, at 11pm on a Wednesday night here, I typed a quick note in reply and sent it off.  Now as my friends will tell you, my idea of a quick note is often long enough to be a novella, and if it’s being posted, I have to plant a tree to compensate for the paper usage.  But, I now have her email address again, and hope to soon hear from her again.

The Goddess Works in Mysterious Ways…or does she?  She knows what I’m facing, she probably is sending me friends I trusted and had fun with in the past to support me…