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This is day 14 of my 30 Days of Truth blog series.  Day 14: A hero that has let you down.


Oddly, I think I’m a person who’s probably able to safely say that she’s never had a hero or a heroine.  Therefore, there has been no let down.

To be a hero/heroine is to do something admirable, something incredible.  Most people do that each day of their lives simply by making the decision to get out of bed.  I may not know who they all are, I may not even consider what they do incredible or admirable, but to someone, somewhere, sometime…

I don’t label people as my hero/heroine.  I admire people for things they do, how they live their life-paths etc, but I certainly don’t hold them up as needing a label or adulation for doing what they do – probably simply as a matter of course for their day.

I once thought that the man standing in front of the tanks in the Tienanmen Square was a hero.  Now, he’s just a man who did what he felt he had to.  Sir Bob Geldof  for Live Aid – again, someone who did what he felt he had to.  They are just like you and I, people who got out of bed that day and in the course of it, did what they felt was right.  But isn’t that what we all try and do?  When we sort our recycling and our garden waste into their respective bins? When we choose to discipline our child (sensibly and sensitively) to prevent them coming to harm?  When we decide to take a taxi home after a few drinks?  When we turn the TV off and go play with our kids in the park?

Who then is a hero/heroine?  Everyone is, to someone, somewhere, sometime.