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The Wild Hunt » The Third Wave’s Predictable Wallowing in Japan’s Tragedy. (click on the graphic for the article)



Another interesting article by The Wild Hunt!  In it, we see that there’s a supposedly Christian group (you’ll see why I call them supposedly in a minute) delighting in the recent Japanese natural disasters.  And yes, I agree, the internet is chock-full of people claiming it’s “God’s justice/vengeance/revenge/will” on a nation where Christianity is a minority religion.  They came out of their woodwork after Haiti’s earthquake too.  However, back to this particular bunch; here’s a quote from the article of what they’ve been doing, and you’ll see why I call them “supposed” Christians:

We declared, “Awake, O north wind! Awaken the north wind, and cause this garden that has been enclosed by the enemy to open up so that these seeds of harvest will come forth.”

We also shared that it will be heard on the news that the nation of Japan is surrounded by wind. This will be a sign that harvest will sweep that nation. At that time I also encouraged the leadership to establish schools of the prophets both on Hokkaido Island (the far north) and Okinawa (the far south) to keep the wind of God blowing and to neutralize the demonic forces that are influencing and holding Japan in captivity.

I’m in agreement with Jason, the writer of the article, that this is sounding an awful lot like malefic magic, a negative spell.  They’re actively calling for their sacred power being to come and destroy somewhere.  To kill people; no, I’ll use a more correct word; murder them.  Now as I seem to remember from my Catholic High School days (the education standard at that school was better at that time than the other high school in town, that’s why I was there) that one of the 10 Commandments says “thou shall not kill”. So, these supposed Christians are exhorting their deity to kill, using a ‘declaration’.  Sorry, is that what they call prayer?  Last I knew, declared meant to say something emphatically or with strong intent.

And there’s where I’m getting my knickers in a knot.  In magic we say our words, our spells, with intent.  Often emphatically, depending on the outcome we’re aiming for.  But, we also say them with thought for consequences.  And it’s highly unlikely – if not completely unlikely – that we as magic users would ever say something emphatically and with intent that would destroy a nation and thousands of it’s people as well as cause a highly dangerous nuclear accident (which has the potential to effect the whole world regardless of spiritual belief!).   Malefic magic is indeed in use, but not by those of us who are wielders of the art.

In fact, the magic users and light beings of the world are instead sending positive energies and declarations to help Japan cope with this series of disasters.  They’re declaring for protection for all the planet and it’s peoples from disasters, natural or man-made.  They’re declaring with their wallets that they care about someone else’s misfortune by donating to various help agencies (regardless of the agency’s spiritual affiliation).  They’re not publicly declaring that it’s because that particular nation isn’t Christian that they’re suffering. They’re publicly declaring that they care.  That our Sacred Deity(s) would not murder others and cause such wide-spread destruction because the nation isn’t Pagan/Wiccan/Asatru/Hindu etc.

You know what’s the scariest part of such a supposed Christian group though?  That they’re steadily gaining not only adherents, but that they’re rising in the political/judicial/legislature system of one of the biggest nations on the planet.  So much for separation of church and state – and that’s in their Constitution.

Goddess?  Please save us all