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OperaSinger, (unknown artist)

This is day 11 of my 30 Days of Truth blog series.  Day 11: Something people seem to compliment you the most on.


Compliments are few and far between in my life, but one that has been relatively constant has been on my singing.  Even as a child, people would compliment my singing, and I was always in the school choirs, albiet in the back row because I was ‘a big and strapping girl’.  Fat discrimination was already in place even then LOL!

When I was finally in the working world, I had the spare cash to afford singing lessons, which I took for seven years, with varying levels of application and practice.  At the end of things, I had done a range of Trinity College of London singing examinations, up toe Performer’s Certificate level, which is one level below the first of the teaching grades.  I then changed my direction from worker to student (third time lucky?!) and with the ensuing change in income and requirement to live on around $150 per fortnight, singing lessons were a thing of the past.  I also left the choir I was part of, as $75 subs per year was beyond my pocket also.

So, after a few months of vocal silence (does anyone else see that being the name of a show choir in “Glee” sometime?!) my brother died.  No, I didn’t sing anything formally at his funeral, he didn’t want that, but I did sing along with the final song “Friends will be Friends” by Queen.

I haven’t sung since.

Something people used to compliment me on a lot?  My singing.