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what do you mean, fly to Hogwarts? Why can't we just email him instead?!

Here’s some things you need to know about if you intend reading my blog/page…
1. I am a Pagan. If you have any problems with that, this is not the place for you.  I generally have no problems or quarrel with any other religion/belief system – unless you’re into ritually raping children or harming animals – and as such, offer respect to all my guests here.  If you cannot reciprocate that respect, please be aware that all comments are moderated and will be removed and the poster blocked if they are simply here to attempt to convert me or prove that I’m evil/worshipping satan, etc. If you don’t like what you see/read, please leave quietly.

2 My posts here are open to all, and that’s because I’m not ashamed or afraid of what I post here.  Besides which, I find only a select group of readers will take a look and stay long enough to read the whole collection.   I am flattered if anyone chooses to add me to their blog-roll, joins the email notifications or follows me via RSS.  Having said that, I will check out your page in return, to ensure I’m not being maligned or abused without my knowledge.  I may even add your blog to my blog-roll in return.

3. Please be aware that my blogs can go from humorous to profane to personal, and often in the space of one blog entry!  I do at times use strong language, but not simply for the sake of using ‘the f-word’ to fill word count.  Besides, I wasn’t allowed to use that word at home (and I lived there a hoot of a long time!) so why should I regularly use it here?

4. I have a range of friends and sites already blog-rolled/linked here, and they have a wide range of blogs and beliefs also.  If you follow a link from my page and are offended by what you discover, don’t rant at me, you chose to follow the link.  You have the right and the ability to leave the site.  Added to that, please don’t lambast my friends because you followed a link from my page either.

5. I am 40 years old as of 2011.  I am also very happily married.  I’m not here looking for love or the fountain of youth, so if that’s what you think I need, please save yourself the words and being blocked.  I’m also from the Southern Hemisphere of the planet, so any remarks on my spelling and grammar will be taken with a pinch of salt, seeing as how down here we learned “The Queen’s English” in school – this doesn’t mean I reject the spelling methods of  America, I simply didn’t learn them.  I also have an instinctive dislike of “txt speak”, so try to please make the effort to use whole words if you’re commenting!

6. Welcome to my blog!