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I’ve been doing a little harvest-time cleaning out of my soul lately.  There’s a lot of dusty bunnies and boreholes (good Goddess, I censored myself.. 😮 ) being swept from my temple.  There’s a lot of disinfectant and cleaners being used to restore the original colours, textures and scents there.  I’ve reached a point of  “no more, it’s enough” and at risk of hubris, all the recent natural disasters around world reflected what my soul and self were trying to get across to me.

It’s a peculiarity of humanity I think, to ignore our innermost selves because we don’t want to loose friends, loose what we think is important to us, jobs, social standing etc.   But, in the end, when we are faced with a crisis (be it natural or spiritual) we realise it’s time to grab our photo albums, our kids/loved ones if we have them and run for our very lives.  Because in the end, things such as homes, social standing, jobs, PS3’s, wide-screen HD TVs can be replaced.   Ourselves can’t be.  We is what’s important.

We’re moving towards the Autumn Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere this coming weekend.  The time when night and day are balanced.  It’s also a particularly potent full moon event, being hailed by the panic-press as  a “Super Moon”.  What’s making the moon super?  No, not a big red ‘S’ on it’s front (although that would look rather fun, and a change from the bat signal! 😀 ), simply that the moon will be at perigee – closest to the earth – in it’s rotations.  This particular perigee is a once in 18 years event, true, but to use it to cause panic and fear in people (like the fellow in NZ who’s advising Christchurch residents to pack up and leave town before March 19th) is wrong.  Yes, there’s a chance of extreme weather conditions or seismic activity, but there’s just as likely a chance of being run over by an elephant in downtown Sydney.  (Now, I wonder if I’ll be hailed as a prophet if someone gets trampled by a pachyderm outside the opera house in the coming couple of weeks?!)  However, I digress…

Autumn equinox, the time of the second harvest.  A time for harvesting, winnowing the wheat from the chaff and giving thanks for the blessings we have.   I started that process 2 weeks ago, at the dark moon.  I’ve been winnowing wheat from chaff and focussing on what’s important in my life, what I need to do for myself.  I guess that makes me selfish?  I don’t care what it appears to others, because to me, it’s simply me gathering up my photo albums and running for my very life.

“What about your loved ones – like you stated earlier on?”  is the question I can hear you thinking.  My loved ones are able to look after themselves.  They have feet and know how to use them effectively.  If they want to run for their very lives, they can, and in whichever direction they’d like to.  I don’t control them.  I wouldn’t want to anyway; I have enough challenges trying to control myself thanks!

Now, at the pending time of balance and intense full moon, I’m going to stop running.  I’m going to stand on the fulcrum of my inner self, arms wide for balance, and look around me.  Then, I’m going to start weighting the great scale in my favour again.  I owe it to myself.  See you on the other side.

Blessed Equinox to all.