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This is day 2 of the 30 Days of Truth blog series – Day 2: Something you love about yourself

I must be a rare bird.  There’s actually something I love about myself that I’m not afraid or ashamed of talking about.  What is it?  I’m blunt and forthright.  To the point of offense in a number of cases.  But if a person can’t handle being told the truth, then they shouldn’t have asked my opinion/advice or be reading my blog(s).  And if they’re trying to stop something happening that should be happening, I’ll speak out with equal bluntness.  Sometimes I’ll even add anger to that bluntness to illustrate my point.

Over the years of offending people for being honest, I’ve learned something – only apologise for what you said if it wasn’t the truth or since the point of stating the opinion/offering advice you’ve learned something pertinent that changes your view of the situation.   I’ve also learned that offending people isn’t hard to do, thus I wind up doing it often.  *shrugs*  Too bad.  I won’t change who I am to suit other people’s sensibilities.  If you don’t like the words, don’t solicit them.

Also over the years, I’ve discovered that my friends who have stuck by me are the ones who accept my bluntness and sometimes even appreciate it.  They don’t expect me to be anything other than myself.  And isn’t that what friendship is about?

Something I love about myself – blunt and forthright, even if it means I’m labelled a bitch.