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I’ve been watching the news of floods in Australia – only a few hours from us in any direction – and those in Brasil and Sri Lanka and have been pondering the timing; at least of the Australian floods.

Queensland and it’s surrounds were inundated on January 11th, 2011.  If you look at that in numbers, it’s 1/11/11.  As a pagan, I recognise that 1 is a Goddess number, the number to which we are all striving.  One with ourselves, the Universe, our Deity etc.  Team that with flooding, which is water, which is the realm of emotions, renewal, cleansing and clearing, and you get this pagan pondering.  Nature isn’t called Mother Nature for nothing after all.

Perhaps this enormous level of water rushing through homes, businesses and lives is Mother Nature telling us that even though we build high-rise buildings, homes and run commercial centres alongside her veins and arteries (ie: rivers and waterways) She’s still the one in charge and nothing we can do can stop her.  We may be able to slow her for a time, mitigate to some degree, but when it comes down to it, what Mother wants, Mother gets.

And in this case, she wanted cleansing and clearing, and an emotional outpouring.  Which is what she’s got.  People have reacted in ways unexpected; thousands of volunteers arriving and people not counted in those numbers who are simply going to help others, often complete strangers.  Grown men, hardened by life on the land and the hard work required weeping openly on television screens.   Donations of food, clothing, money and time all being made.    There’s mud and there’s water and there’s an all pervading stink that accompanies flooding of this magnitude, but from that mud – particularly on farmland – new life will spring, better than previous.   The water has cleaned up the banks of streams, creeks and rivers, washing debris and pollution out into the great water of the ocean.  And of course, people are cleaning.  And finding community again.  Before this happened, how many of them genuinely knew their neighbours 2 doors down?  How many of them would trust them enough to let them into their homes and let them move their precious belongings out of the way of the waters?  I am willing to bet, not many.  Until now.  Until the Great Oneness that has come about on 11/1/11, brought on by the waters of Mother Nature…