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You may remember the pictures of the recent Mabon celebration at our home? Well, there was one that I took randomly during the evening, and didn’t post because it was more a case of “moved furniture, here’s what the room looks like now” shot than part of the celebrations.

WRONG!! On doing a sort out of my picture files, I took a closer look at the picture and discovered an Orb! For those of you who don’t know what one is, it’s an energy phenomena that occurs; some say it’s lightbeings, others feel it’s the fey folk, angels, spirits making themselves known, random energy balls…the theories are many and varied, and until now, I’d not managed to catch any of them on camera.

Orb on left side, small arrow to indicate!

At the time of photo, Darrell & Brad were in the kitchen, getting our supper into presentation mode (two males who’ve worked in the foodservice industry in a kitchen together…oy vey!). I know Darrell has been followed about by orbs a few times, and he’s complained a couple of times when they’ve disturbed his concentration, so it looks like we have orb phenomena going on!