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This night saw the biggest Witches Brew gathering for a Sabbat at our home to date. We were gathered to celebrate Mabon, a harvest festival. Oversized orange taper candles, autumn leaves (some real, some faux) and mini-gourds on the altar added a seasonal tone, even if the fresh flowers in the vases might have been more summer/spring like!

The Mabon Altar

As is usual with the home-based gatherings, we ask folks to bring a plate of something to share, and a bottle of fizzo/juice/whatever they want to drink. All I can safely say is “Great Goddess, what a harvest of treats and thank you for them!” Take a look at Brad’s cheesecake in the form of a flowerpot, complete with marzipan flowers and butterfly!

Cor, we gonna eat that?!

We had a vague notion of maybe holding a simple ritual to honour the Sabbat, but as the evening moved along (and it certainly did!) we found ourselves doing a lot more talking, listening and voicing opinions, as well as learning new ways of thinking about things (Thank you Rosemary!).
As often happens when you get a group of people in the same space, the energy was flowing, the laughter was ready and easy and I’m willing to surmise that the house was lit up like Christmas to any passing sensitive person or being.

We didn’t wind up doing a ritual in the end, but we did spend some fun time sharing some of our treasures in need of new homes with our friends, and all treasures on offer went to good and loving homes as a result. We hope that their new custodians enjoy them.

Stairs lit in seasonal colours

I can honestly say I’ve not enjoyed Sabbat gatherings as much as I have since starting them with the Witches Brew, and I want to say thanks to all of ‘the gang’ for that. From our simple start last Samhain with one other member and ourselves, we have grown to a band of seven last night; and in our humble home, that’s a fair crowd LOL!

Blessings of Mabon on us all, and may the coming cooler seasons be good to us all!

Rosemary about to enjoy the cheesecake…I love the colours of her shawl too!

Another shot of the altar.


Mabon blooms on dessert