Hi there!  My name is Charlotte Undery.  Welcome to my page!

I’m a Dutch New Zealander – which makes me a small flightless bird wearing clogs.  I now reside in Australia, having followed my heart when love found me.  We are now in the process of planning our wedding, which is less than 25 days away.

I’m an eclectic pagan with 20+ years of practice/experience under my pointy hat.   Unlike my beloved, I’m not published (as yet!) in any magazines or journals, but one day perhaps…
I don’t claim knowledge of everything, nor do I claim knowledge of anything, but I do claim a willingness to learn about most things.  Anything I’m not willing to learn about, I’ll certainly let you know about.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, music, meditating, divination practice and socialising with friends both in person and online.  Perhaps one day I’ll learn to like hiking? 😛

I try to treat everyone with respect and politeness, and I would ask the same of anyone coming here.  If you don’t like something you read, that’s your choice, and you’re entitled to make it.  I would rather you didn’t abuse me or others that visit if they disagree, OK?